Did FDA authorize treatment using stem cell? Is it “legitimate”?  These type of questions threw the door open to several skeptics  about obtaining stem cell treatment ,which is humiliating because assuming more people know the truth, a lot more people would suffer less.

The solution:

The simple solution to this question would be: The FDA does not sanction nor refuse the use of autologous stem cells (these are stem cells obtained from the patient’s body). Reason being that, the FDA can only sanction or refuse drugs and other medical apparatus-this means that, autologous stem cells do not belong to either category.

The cells use in our facilities at NSA Stem Cell are collected from the patient and returned back to the patient in a same-day process. Only minimal manipulation is done on the patient’s cells before it is returned back to them.

Our processes obey the guidelines written in the FDA Code of Federal Regulations 21 part 1271. They are categorized as physician’s practice of medicine guided by state certification, meaning that the physician and patient are permitted to think over their selected treatment method.

Why Does the FDA “Caution About Stem Cell Promises”?

As earlier said, our entire processes follows the guidelines stated by the FDA. For this reason, the FDA wants patients to confirm when evaluating any type of stem cell treatment.  This is why they “caution about  stem cell promises”

It is paramount to spot the difference  between autologous stem cells and “stem cell-based products.” The FDA does control stem cell-based products because they are produced and advertised. These cells are genetically-bred and processed by a lab; besides the fact that they are not autologous stem cells and might be from a family of sources.

Sick-persons and everyday individuals who are conscious of these issues have also made known their overwhelming concern regarding what it might mean to control autologous steams cells. One can observe that many are disgusted with the thought of placing obstacles and restrictions on what sick-persons are allowed to do with own biological material.

For example, Christopher French says. “What is my person is mine and mine alone. Anything else is a perversion of self and an erosion of my rights. My stem cells are for me to do whatever I wish.”

We have assisted thousands of sick-persons to get pain relief due to our stem cell treatments. We certify that every one of our patients is in safe, ethical and authorized hands. Our objective is to promote  life for the better by giving the proper treatment and care.

We acknowledge that stem cells cannot cure  any condition, but we have experienced significant success with patients suffering from back pain, knee pain, multiple sclerosis, COPD and many others. Should you be an individual who is evaluating stem cell therapy, or a different treatment, be first enlightened. Most importantly, you should be very satisfied with your treatment. Our medical experts will be glad to talk to you extensively about our stem cell procedures.


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